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Why Choose Us

Strict Quality Policy

We comply with legal requirements, awarding body requirements, accreditation body requirements, and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Licensed & Certified

We boast ISO certification, Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series certification, and an officially approved license.

24x7 Assistance

Our team is all set to assist you as and when needed. In case you come across any issues, you can contact us right away.

Qualified & Trained Team

Our team is not only skilled and experienced but also qualified and trained to do the job, allowing us to provide the best.

Unrivalled Support

Our client relationship team is trained to provide you with a seamless and professional service. Hence, if you have any queries, please contact us.

Your Perfect Carpentry Partner

If you are looking for professional carpentry, look no further than NANO FM.

At NANO FM, we simplify the art of carpentry. Boasting a team of carpenters who have excellent craftsmanship, we provide expert carpentry that makes even intricate designs possible. While our team’s artistic skills bring elegance to our designs, the eye for detail ensures
the work has perfection. Moreover, our professional way of doing things ensures the project goes as smoother as it gets and is completed within the stipulated time.

Be it the carpentry work for your residence or commercial space, let us know your requirements and leave the rest to us.


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1. In which parts of the UAE do you provide carpentry services?

Our carpentry service is provided across the UAE. It does not matter which city you are in, you can avail of our carpentry service.

2. Do you use substitutes for wood?

It depends on your needs. If you think natural wood is expensive for you, we have options like plywood, mica acrylic and more. However, we recommend using wood since it gives the best finish.

3. Will you clean our space after work?

Sure. We never clutter the space of your clients. Every day after our work, we make sure your space is neat. Also, we work at our dedicated workspace sometimes. In that case, you need not worry about your space getting cluttered.